One conquers on adventure and learns from mistakes which form part of the experience that make up life. Our field trip was certainly an eye opening adventure. we had made a couple of phone calls to pre-arrange the trip before writing the formal communication to all of the schools involved. The games began and were played under a very peaceful atmosphere. Our Eric Scott Broncos won the kickball game but lost the quizzing and football games. Our students said the food was good. The downside, according to the Eric Scott girls, was that the girls of the Pidgeons weren't friendly. 

If you have had a first time trip into the city, you'll understand: the pointing, looking and excitement plus the fun on the buses. The school's principal and staff were welcoming.Our students were amazed at the structure of the campus: the fence, wall fans in the classrooms, flat screen television, the lockers, library, the gym, and the school bus. 

The games went well as the Broncos won the kickball, lost to the quizzing and tied in football. The Broncos did not play the basketball game as they do not have an opportunity yet to learn or a playing space at home.

We thank the Almighty God for this opportunity to have our students experience travel, foodand behavior.

Story condensed from Newsletter by F. Shaffa Seward, Pastor-in-Charge