Graduation at Bopolu United Methodist Mission Station

When boys and girls have gone through the rainy days and hot weather, some restless evenings doing assignments or studying on an empty stomach to meet the threshold for promotion, the day finally comes to be credited.

For our Early Childhood Division the students are so full of energy and are eager to learn what makes learning easier. At this stage of the learning process, the students always say "my teacher said".  This is a great saying which infers that the teacher is the one setting the agenda and the pace of what is good, correct, necessary, appropriate and right. so one who possesses such an influence ought to have the requisite skill sets and trusting God to shape these very young minds.

In so doing, these students are processed by teachers from the Nursery through Kindergarten Two. along the way, this class of 8 has had a rewarding experience which was celebrated at their graduation on July 15, 2018 at the Bopolu First United Methodist Church with staff, students, parents and guardians as well as well wishers.

During the program, the Valedictorian, Student Momo Barwor, addressed the audience on the topic - CORRUPTION. He started by thanking God for his parents, all teachers and staffs at Eric Scott. He defined corruption as ‘’the use of something for different purpose other then what is was meant without the approval. In government, the budget always reflect projects that most times can not be seen but the money for such will be used out. In the market, market women and men will buy goods for very little money but sale it for ten times more to get over profit. This is corruption. And to our mothers, our fathers will give you money for the family food but you will take out some to buy false hair. That is corruption. As for the school, some teachers ask students for money to change their grades for tests failed. This is corruption that destroys the student, community, and the nation. So to have a better Liberia, let us all do the right things for our future and that of our children.’’

This speech was well received by all in attendance amongst whom were Zinnah Norman, Lord Mayor of Bopolu City, Hon. Augustine Akoi, Gbarpolu County Development Superintendent, and Mr. Samson O. Cisco, Bopolu District Representative Chief of Office Staff.

For the guest speaker, Mr. Cisco, cautioned students to take advantage of every opportunity to acquire knowledge. Education is the key to development, progress, success and realization of dreams.

Earlier during the baccalaureate, Pastor Seward, preached on the theme ‘’ The Purpose shapes the process’’ with Mark 6: 24-25