F. Shaffa Seward, Sr.

Shaffa was appointed in 2013 by Bishop of the United Methodist Church of Liberia, John G. Innis, to build the Bopolu Mission station. To be considered a mission station in the Methodist Church, the station must include a church, health clinic and school. As of today, the church, health clinic, and elementary and middle school are built and open to the community. The high school will open in 2019. Shaffa serves as the Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Bopolu county and Principal of the Eric Scott memorial school.

Shaffa a is a graduate of William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor, Monrovia. He also received his undergraduate in biology and chemistry and a graduate degree in Education Administration and Supervision from the University of Monrovia. He also acquired archietect and seminary training.

During the Liberian civil war, Shaffa was appointed as a community chairman working closely with UN Aid. One of his duties was to collect rice to hand out to the many hungry families in his community. He was also employed by the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church as a coordinator for Volunteers In Mission (VIM). One of his duties was to match the many volunteers who came from various countries with volunteer opportunities.

Shaffa is married to Aletha. They have three lovely children Shaletha, Tahlor and Shaffa Jr.